Multiplayer is working!

We finally got Steam multiplayer working, so we can now start to really playtesting the game. We still have placeholder weapons/characters though, but we are working on getting those replaced with new ones.


In the last devlog we announced our first character, and here is our first weapon. It the model is pretty much done, but to get it in game we need to finish all the animations for it, which will hopefully get done in a few weeks or so.


We have also started to work on the menu system, and it's coming along nicely, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get where you want and make it as fast as possible to get into a multiplayer game. Here is a concept picture of the lobby screen.

As you can see we want the menu to be sort of "friendly" and not have to many options that may confuse the player and we like to work a lot with different color code the further make it easier for the player. We are also planning to make a 3D scene that is rendered in the background to get a cooler effect than usual menus.


We are sort of done with all of the maps so we are not really working on them. However, we are working on the spawn-system for the maps and are trying to get that working in a good way. Anyway here are some new pictures of the maps:

Svante 2018-01-17