In the last two updates we talked about new characters and weapons, and now we have started to work on animations for them. This is sort of the first time we are working with animations so we're not really sure how it will work out, but at the moment it is looking good!

In the near future we will start working on the player point-of-view animations which will be great because we can then start to show you how the gameplay actually will look like. Aswell as working on the pov stuff we are also going to start working on the male characters. 

New character!

This character "The Holy Ghost" is a flanker/stealthy character only using silenced weapons. This is what we have planned anyways, it might change after some playtesting. Feel free to give us suggestions on what the characters should be like. 

Online matchmaking

The online matchmaking has started to work quite good over the last two weeks and we have recently implemented a map/gamemode voting system.

The reason for this voting system is that we are not expecting a huge player base and don't want to split the player base into different gamemodes during matchmaking. Instead every lobby is in the same matchmaking pool and you can then vote for a map/gamemode you'd like to play. However, if we later feel that our playerbase is big enough will perhaps remove this feature and instead let you search for a game with a specific gamemode.

New multiplayer map!

We have startet to work on another multiplayer map! Although this was not planned so we are not sure if it will come with the game at launch or if it is going to be a free dlc a month after launch. Tell us in the comments what you think we should do. Anyway here is a preview picture of the map. It will be a medium size forest/castle map.

Thanks for reading! and don't forget to follow us on IndieDb and Twitter

Svante 2018-02-02


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