First-Person Animations

We have started to work on the first-person viewmodels, although they are currently not working in-engine yet. We are going to have to spend some time to get our new animations to import correctly before they will be in-game. Here is a preview picture of what the first-person perspective will look like: 

New Character!: The Bulldozer

The female characters are now pretty much done, and we have now started to work on the male characters. The bulldozer is your bog standard shotgun class, not very good at long range but will "bulldoze" down everyting in its path in close combat. Here is how the shotgun looks:

The initial plan was to only ship the game with 4 weapons, but we are starting to consider adding 4 more weapons to give the player some more options to choose from.

Funky text chat!

We have added a text chat, and saw a good opportunity to add some fun features. So we added emojis, but not normal annoying normie smiley faces. We want to make it easier for the players to communicate their memes. So don't expect a "meh" emoji we will bring you the good stuff such as monkaS, in-game references and whatever the players want us to add.

Discord server!

Here we will provide updates, patch-notes, development logs, playtesting stuff, bug reports, game content suggestions, etc.. You will also be able to talk to us developers direct.

Svante 2018-02-16