We've been trying to expand and improve the multiplayer maps to make them more unique and fitting for different gamemodes. These have sort of been the final touches to the maps, we will now try to work on more gameplay and less leveldesign.

The following video shows some of the map, weapon and sound updates we've made:

Weapon handling

We worked a lot on getting the weapons to feel like an extension of your mind and less of a hindrance for the player. We feel that this is a VERY important element to get right in a FPS game and therefore have chosen to put a lot of time into small adjustments to get just the right feeling that you would expect in a first-person shooter.


Weapon sounds are an important thing to any shooting game, and bad sound effects can completely ruin the immersion to the game. Currently we have a few sounds that we are happy with. However, they might change in the future if we feel like they can be improved. Feel free to tell us what you think of the sounds shown in the video above, keep in mind that we currently don't have anybody on the team dedicated to work on sounds but we are doing our best.

Svante 2018-04-13