Geology Business
Released - 2017
Have you ever wanted to know how it feels to drown in money? Say no more fam, in Geology Business you get to mine for ancient hidden gems worth a fortune, and dont forget about the spicy memes on the menu.
Rating 5/10

The Game

Geology Business is a small money farming game where you mine for "minerals". The so called "minerals" all have different drop chances and will give you different amout of money. Aswell as mining you can also buy different mining tools, buy scratchcards and hire workers. It also seems that there is someone trying to tell you something using cryptic messages within the minerals.

Comment from Svantech

"We know that the game has its flaws and that there is not much you can do to change the way you progress in the game. We have also noticed that the secrets in the game were very popular, so we are going to try to update the game with new content and try to fix the games flaws in the best way possible." 

- Svante, Game Director.