False Front
The Svantech twist of a First-Person Shooter, having a big focus on innovative game design to bring new challenges to the player never before seen in an FPS. Aimed to release May 2018 on Steam.

False Front

False Front is a cartoony first-person shooter set in a world where warfare is not only seen as a sport but also broadcast on television and seen live by an audiance with thousands of people. Being the greatest soldier will not only bring you the victory but also give you the love of the massive audiance.

"Our vision with this game is to capture the old-school first-person shooters feeling. We want to make a not too complex game experiance and make a game that is easy to understand but hard to master. We believe that the easy graphics combined with the arcade styled gameplay will bring comfort to the player and just let you have a good time playing. Hopefully the game will be released March 2018 but we like to stick to the saying "a game is only late for a short while, but is forever bad". So we will release the game when we think it is good enough.

We will also make all future dlc fully free of charge. Personally we feel that having a price on dlc takes away the joy of getting new content, it no longer feels like a gift, just a new thing that you have to pay for. We want our dlc to feel like a gift. The game will retail for about $8.99 on Steam, and might increas after more content has been added." 

- Svante, Game Director.


The game will include a Multiplayer mode where you can play together with your friends in gamemodes such as Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and more. We will also try to add some more fun and different gamemodes such as Infected or Prophunt, but that will be added after release.

There will also be 4 different playable classes on release Sniper, Assault, SMG and Shotgun. Even though these classes will have different abilities we will try to make them balanced and somewhat alike.

Multiplayer maps:

Copenhagen - a large city map

Plywood - a small fast paced deathmatch

Bunge - a small medieval town