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Geology Business release on Feb 24th!
Global Warfare greenlit!
Global Warfare on Greenlight!
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Geology Business almost done for Steam!

Geology Business is almost ready for releasing on Steam, our release target is 24th of february, it will cost 1,99$ with all future updates and/or DLC free.

Svante @2017-02-05

Global Warfare greenlit!

Global Warfare or Scoped as we now call it just got greenlit on Steam Greenlight. However, it will take some time to release it as we are working on inproving our engine with shadows etc.

Svante @2017-02-05

Geology Business is on the way!

Here is a little taste of how the new Geology Business for steam will look. We are aiming to release the game in february for 2,49£. There are no in game micro transactions, and all updates will be free.

Svante @2017-01-03

Svantech Studios on Comic Con

We will be at Comic Con Stockholm Kistamässan 4 - 6 November. Come and try out our games.

Read more about Comic Con Stockholm here

Svante @2016-10-19

Global Warfare on Greenlight

Global Warfare is now availible to vote for on Steam Greenlight, hopefully the game will get greenlit.

Svante @2016-09-16

Global Warfare Update - What's new?


- Changed character model(thank god)

- Character no longer look like a right tw*t

- Updated menu Art & Music

- Added Weapon(BMCR)

- Added Weapon(Hecate)

- Added Weapon(L96)

- Added melee attack!

- Added throwable Granade and Tomahawk

- New map "Donarium"

- New map "Area 51"

- Killscore now stack on eachother

- Gave bots bigger brains

- Added bot difficulty

- Overall made the game better

- Added unlockables(Guns, Maps etc..)

- You know have a reason to level up

- Made trial mode more fun, more maps unlocked and stuff

- Made explosions look better

- Added bullet-hit particle effect

- Added blood, but keeping it child friendly

- Oh almost forgot, Added Weapon(Highway Patrol Aka Revolver)

- You will now get score for shooting ammobox and getting kill

- All deaths now show in killfeed, including suicides, airstrike

- Ranks now show number

- Made it easier to rank up

- Tweaked jumping mechanics

- Updated collision engine(getting less stuck)

- Added "Missions" gamemode

- Added some alien ships and whatnot

- Made some maps night... pretty cool

- Oh, did i tell you we changed the ugly character model

- Removed "Global Warfare" splash screen, pfft.. as if you didnt know what you were playing... lol

- Fixed bugs*

- Added new bugs*

Svante @2016-08-28

Top Secret Update - Coming Soon

We are currently working on a new update for Global Warfare that will bring new maps, guns and small tweaks that hopefully will make the game more fun to play.

Svante @2016-06-03

Official Global Warfare: Trailer

Svante @2016-08-07

Svantech Studios - Engine

Recently we have been working on a 3D engine for our current project Global Warfare.

Svante @2015-12-17

Geology Business on Greenlight

Geology Business is now availible to vote for on Greenlight Steam, hopefully the game will get greenlit.

Svante @2015-11-23

Geology Business

Geology Business is the second game released by Svantech Studios on XBLIG, a small but fun game about mining different rocks and minerals.

Svante @2015-10-10


First developed game by Svantech Game Develompent is now ready for review on Xbox360 Indie games. It's a shooter leveling game where the player should stop a bacterial infection.

Svante @2015-01-31

Svantech Studios

Svantech Data an software consulting company starts a new game developing section planning to produce several games in the near future.

Svante @2014-01-05